The services we provide are:

We are managing construction, electrical and mechanical works, providing project management services, and implementation of investment projects.

We provide our clients with quality documentation, and comply with all necessary requirements mandated by the laws of the Republic of Serbia.  We also obtain all the necessary documents for your Project.

For you, we can make all the necessary analyses, studies and designs regarding any of your projects, or ideas in the field of energy, water management, infrastructure and ecology protection.

Complying with international standards, we define the necessary organizational structure and fulfill your requirements regarding the Project you are dealing with.

Let us develop your Projects. We will realize your projects and comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and standards, while being conscious of:

  • client’s financial and budgetary restraints,
  • quality – which we give pre-importance,
  • and all this at the time, with respect to the deadlines set

At your projects, CEM-ing will minimize all risks, as low as possible.

At CEM-ing, there are no problems just challenges!

Project management

By working closely with the client, CEM-ing provides a full range of services in the area of Project Management.  CEM-ing ensures that all necessary work is performed to fulfil goals of each project and realizes each project to its full potential.  By working closely and managing  all project participants from start to finish, CEM-ing strives to provide completed, quality projects to the client.

Depending on the size and nature of a project, our services include:

  • Creating feasibility studies
  • Making all necessary analyzes
  • Preparing bidding documentation and contracts
  • Managing and Supervising all stages of construction
  • Submitting and managing Claims, including insurance and indemnity claims
  • Budget and Cost Planning
  • Managing and maintaining facilities in exploitation


CEM-ing provides advice and support for the development and realization of new project ideas.

While working on solutions, investors, designers, and contractors  need to ensure that project ideas are sustainable. CEM-ing professionals also identify the technical, operational, and economic constraints of a given project for the client before the client makes investment decisions.

CEM-ing helps to identify and minimize environmental impact while assessing the probability of obtaining necessary project approvals.

Engineering and Design

Each project is unique and has specific requirements mandated by clients, companies, and  local laws and regulations. With its team of experienced and licensed civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, CEM-ing is committed to provide all services required to realize a project in all strategic business areas.

A successful project is a result of well thought-out design and engineering plan. CEM-ing employs cross-disciplinary cooperation and review to provide top-level work product.