Mining Public Relations

We enhance and protect the reputation of companies at all stages of the mining cycle by creating and implementing communication, public relation, and crisis management strategies which improves your corporate image and perception with the local communities, government regulators and policy makers and shareholders. As mineral exploration, mine development and mining companies increase their presence, communication with stakeholders has never been more important.

In addition to our corporate clients we work with the most premier mineral exploration and mining industry associations to communicate policy and programming and to encourage collaboration between groups and communities who will benefit from the economic and social development opportunities the mining industry must provide.

Our employees are from the mining industry and understand the science of mining, the environmental and permitting process, and the important role corporate social responsibility plays in gaining and maintaining the social license to operate.

Reputation, Risks and Crisis Management

Crises can unfold with a blazing speed. Responding to a crisis requires an organizational leadership to remain focused and effective. CEM-ING staff are experts in media management during a crisis. From individuals to corporate clients, we help you anticipate the types of situations you’re likely to encounter and hone the skills needed to contain a crisis and implement an effective response.

CEM-ING focus on crisis communications as an important part of the overall crisis management process. We will help you develop a crisis communications plan that identifies the constituents that need to be notified, operational information sources and company spokespeople. The communications plan will also provide a notification process, methods to create consistent messaging, and approval processes.

The key to successful crisis communications is to have the right things to communicate. CEM-ING will help you integrate your crisis communication plan into your overall crisis management plan that also addresses emergency response, business continuity, disaster recovery and human impact. An integrated plan will help give your communications team the substance they need to create effective messaging during difficult times.

Government Relations & Public Affairs

When results are needed in dealing with any level of government, CEM-ING has the experience and expertise to get the job done. Through our work with various clients, we have established relationships with government members throughout the world in all levels of government right up to the top level. CEM-ING understands that projects can require outreach to various stakeholder groups, including those in the economic and academic sectors. Whether it’s communicating with potential investors, a board of directors, a government review panel or launching an academic program, CEM-ING can help guide you to success.

Relationship Building

Companies operating on communities land understand the need to build mutually beneficial relationships based on honesty, trust and sound business practices. Unsettled land claims, environmentalism and mistrust of government institutions and corporations are growing concerns for many local people and can create obstacles which compromise project development. CEM-ING has developed exceptional expertise in working with indigenous communities. We understand the issues that are of most concern in both a social and cultural context and can provide all parties with a better appreciation of their respective roles to address issues in a respectful and consensual manner.